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Terri K. Bacote-Charles, Director

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Welcome to the Prince Georges County Community Budgeting Tool

Operating Budget Overview

Despite the challenging effects of the recession that continues to impact revenues and place tremendous pressure on our budget, we arecommitted to ensuring progress in our mission to transform the quality of life for our citizens. The FY 2014 budget follows the  County into a nationally recognized jurisdiction that has a thriving economy, great schools, safe neighborhoods, access to high-quality healthcare, effective human services for those in need and provides a clean and sustainable environment through the oversight of a highly proficient and transparent government. With this clear vision in mind, we focused our investments in FY 2014 on seven major priorities.

The Proposed FY 2014 Budget for All Funds is $3.24 billion, an increase of 0.6% over FY 2013 Approved Budget.

These priorities include:
1. A Thriving Economy
2. An Excellent Education System
3. Safe Neighborhoods
4. Quality Healthcare
5. Effective Human Services
6. Clean and Sustainable Environment
7. High Performance Government Operations


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